5 Motorcycle Security Locks

5 Motorcycle Security Locks

One of​ the​ worst fears of​ a​ bike owner is​ the​ thought of​ having his bike lifted. He would like to​ have a​ bike lock that cannot be broken or​ picked. Fortunately, there are a​ whole range of​ bike locks that are available in​ the​ market. You just need to​ pick the​ right one. Here are five locks that are quite popular:

1: ABUS Granit Extreme 59/180HB: This German brand lock is​ 16 mm thick and​ comes with the​ following features:
--- Square parabolic shackle with a​ hardened steel construction for​ maximum resistance against bolt-cutters
--- Double locking cylinder with more than a​ million key variations
--- Runner cover to​ sheathe the​ shackle
--- Sliding cover to​ shield keyhole from dirt.

The only disadvantage of​ this lock is​ that it​ large and​ cumbersome to​ carry

2. Bully U-shaped Disc Lock: This is​ a​ strong lock and​ is​ not easy to​ pick. Its important features are:
--- Double-roller-bearing locking mechanism,
--- Hardened anti-drill discs
--- Eight-disc hardened steel cylinder
--- Specially heat-treated alloy steel construction
--- Keyhole cover to​ keep dirt out
--- Soft plastic to​ cover the​ shackle

3. Cobralinks Cable Lock: This is​ tough cable lock, and​ not easy to​ break. Its important features are:
--- Hardened stainless steel links covering seven strands of​ top-quality aircraft cable
--- Available in​ lengths of​ 6, 8, 10 & 12 feet
--- Diameter of​ ¾ and​ 1 inch
--- 10-15 pound weight
--- Rolls up to​ make a11 inch coil
--- Three keys included with patented setup

4. Kryptonite New York Disc Lock & Fahgettaboudit Security Chain: This chain and​ lock combo is​ marketed as​ the​ ultimate motorcycle lock. the​ hexagonal chain links made of​ triple-heat-treated steel are shaped to​ ward off attacks from bolt-cutters, saws, chisels and​ hammers. They have narrow inner width that does not encourage leverage assaults.

The New York Disc Lock is​ no less impressive. it​ has a:
--- Hardened half-inch steel shackle
--- Disc-style cylinder
--- Steel sleeve over the​ crossbar
--- Double deadbolt locking mechanism
--- Sliding dust covers

5. MasterLock Python 6-inch Adjustable Cable Lock: the​ makers of​ this lock market it​ as​ "the world's first fully adjustable locking cable that's always the​ right length". the​ cable that is​ six foot and​ comprises multi-strands works is​ easy to​ use. to​ use it, the​ bike owner needs to​
-- insert the​ cable into the​ lock
-- pull tight
-- turn the​ key.

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