Some Food For Thought Is Your Diet Killing You

Some Food For Thought Is Your Diet Killing You

I must admit that I don't usually write articles with such a​ chilling headline,​ so I feel that I should give a​ little background on​ a​ relatively innocent experience which prompted me to​ write this piece.

I would also say quite candidly that there is​ nothing really new in​ the​ main context of​ it,​ in​ fact most probably,​ everyone is​ concious of​ these facts in​ some way or​ another.

What I really do wonder though,​ is​ just exactly how many of​ us are actually making any real attempt to​ seriously look after ourselves,​ healthwise that is!

I live in​ Central Scotland in​ the​ UK,​ and according to​ statistics,​ we have one of​ the​ highest mortality rates from such things as​ coronary heart disease,​ strokes,​ obesity,​ etc,​ etc,​ and I often wonder why this should be the​ case!

Of course many things are contributory factors to​ this,​ and I am no medical expert,​ but there is​ one very important factor involved which I have studied extensively,​ and that is​ diet!

In Scotland we are renowned for our love of​ deep-fried foods such as​ fish and chips,​ pies,​ takeaway meals,​ our alcohol consumption,​ and so on. Every region of​ the​ Western world has its favourite "goodies" I suspect,​ so I am sure that you​ get the​ picture.

I must hand it​ to​ our Health Authorities however,​ because for some considerable time now there has been an​ extensive and on-going campaign of​ Health Education,​ including some excellent TV and Radio ads,​ outdoor billboards,​ and similar such things.

It was one of​ the​ latter that really caught my eye recently,​ so much so,​ that I can't quite get the​ image out of​ my mind. it​ is​ a​ large billboard,​ which contains a​ graphic picture of​ a​ human heart with two giant grey hands sueezing the​ life out of​ it. Very very effective,​(at least I thought so),​my congratulations go to​ the​ person who devised it!

This was the​ spur that prompted this article,​ and as​ I said at​ the​ beginning,​ there is​ nothing really new in​ it,​ but I think it​ bears repeating nonetheless. Life is​ a​ precious gift,​ and although we are not immortal,​ there are many many things that we can do to​ prolong it,​ and preserve our health.

As far as​ diet is​ concerned therefore,​ here are some of​ the​ important ones again:-

Cut down on​ the​ fat,​and cut down on​ the​ carbs.

You've heard the​ popular advice on​ weight loss diets. Cut thefat! Cut the​ carbs! Cut the​ calories! Eat a​ balanced diet! But how can you​ cut though all of​ the​ confusion,​ and eat a​ diet that is​ balanced and healthy. Not always easy is​ it! Here is​ some advice from nutritional science,​which might help.

Cut down on​ the​ junk fats.

Most people do not need an​ ultra low fat diet,​ but most of​ us could improve our diet by cutting out the​ junk fats. These are processed fats,​ hydrogenated fats,​ polyunsaturated oils that have been heated,​ and fats that are combined with junk carbohydrates. Processed fats are those fats most likely to​ put on​ flab and clog your arteries. We do all know this don't we!

Cut down on​ the​ junk carbohydrates

The majority of​ people do not need an​ ultra low carb diet,​ but unfortunately,​ many people who do go on​ a​ low fat diet continue to​ eat highly processed foods. They switch from processed high-fat foods to​ processed low-fat foods,​ and then when the​ food manufacturers create low fat foods,​ they tend to​ replace the​ fat with junk carbs.

These can actually pile on​ the​ pounds,​ because basically junk carbs are low-fiber carbs,​ like sugar,​ fructose (and all the​ other *oses),​ flour,​ cornstarch,​ fruit juice,​ and such. Yes,​ fruit juice is​ a​ junk carb too you​ know!
After all,​ how much fiber is​ there in​ fruit juice. Virtually none,​ simply because it's yet another junk carb. you​ would be better to​ eat the​ whole fruit instead,​ with its fiber intact.

Cut down on​ the​ junk calories.

Most people do not need an​ ultra low calorie diet,​ but just think what your diet could be like if​ you​ dropped the​ processed fats and the​ low-fiber carbs. you​ would then be eating mainly natural proteins,​ with lots of​ vegetables plus whole fruits,​ and the​ odds would be that you​ would be eating far fewer calories as​ well. That's the​ kind of​ calorie cutting most of​ us should be doing!

Make every attempt to​ eat a​ balanced natural foods diet.

By natural foods,​ we mean those kinds of​ foods that would have been eaten by our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They would have had lots of​ whole vegetable foods giving them vitamins and fiber for instance,​ and also moderate to​ small portions of​ meats,​ fish,​ seafood,​ and other animal and protein foods. These they would have grilled,​ stewed or​ baked,​ not deep fried! They would also have eaten small portions of​ fresh whole fruit in​ season,​ which is​ the​ diet on​ which the​ human race evolved!

So the​ next time you're about to​ order a​ meal with fries and a​ sugary soda,​ stop and think about how it​ could be improved. Replace the​ fries with a​ salad for example,​ and the​ soda with a​ mineral water say. it​ would probably surprise you,​ how much significant progress you​ have already made towards a​ healthier balanced meal.

Just simple sensible changes can work wonders!

When you​ are at​ home,​ look for recipes that use whole fresh foods,​ with a​ minimum of​ processing. Try and make sure that your meals include natural unprocessed foods,​ with lots of​ healthy vegetables,​ both cooked,​ and raw when in​ salads. Avoid processed fats and processed low-fiber foods.

Here is​ a​ little simple menu that I often use and enjoy.

Grilled fish with steamed green beans and peppers. Large mixed salad,​ dressed with small amounts of​ olive oil and,​vinegar or​ lemon juice. Then a​ fresh fruit platter to​ finish off! a​ healthy balanced diet can actually be that simple you​ know!

Life is​ there to​ be enjoyed,​ but moderation in​ all things is​ the​ watchword in​ my opinion. I do hope this article has given you​ some food for thought however!

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