Simple Blogging SEO Tips

Simple Blogging SEO Tips

I have posted articles on​ search engine optimization in​ my blog but I thought writing more about new things about seo will be better tackling new way on​ how to​ get a​ good ranking on​ search engines.

To get the​ needed targeted traffic in​ search engines such as​ Google,​ you​ need your blog,​ and your post to​ prominently show in​ the​ top ten search engine results. There are also tools to​ determine the​ rank of​ every keyword in​ key phrase to​ be used in​ the​ titles and first paragraph of​ the​ post to​ be able to​ get high ranking.

There are two factors affecting search engine ranking of​ a​ blog – on-page and off-page optimization. the​ former means that you​ have to​ make use of​ high ranking keywords to​ be used on​ your post (meaning putting it​ in​ the​ title or​ the​ first paragraph of​ the​ text) and off-page optimization which is​ getting quality back links pointing to​ your blog and its pages.

To on-page optimize your blog,​ as​ what I stated in​ my earlier posts:

* Keywords - it​ is​ what the​ search engine look for in​ your title tag and the​ content of​ your post when someone type it​ in​ the​ search engine. When you​ search on​ a​ particular phrase,​ the​ title or​ the​ content of​ the​ web page with the​ exact phrase you​ have searched for will be the​ first to​ be shown on​ search engine results.

* on​ page relevancy - since Google has tweaked its algorithms on​ title tags,​ it​ now requires that your page/posts should have relevancy to​ your title in​ a​ particular keyword your choose. it​ simply means that your title has a​ particular keyword that is​ being search and some of​ it​ is​ also found in​ your posts.

For off-page optimization:

* Get a​ lot of​ one way links - since link-exchange and reciprocal links no longer works and it​ will only clutter your site template Google looks at​ it​ with a​ frown. But one-way links is​ the​ best way to​ get page rank they said but I said since page rank does not contribute much in​ the​ search engine ranking,​ links to​ your posts from other sites with a​ particular keyword.

It means that many sites links to​ your blog with a​ particular keyword your blog page located on​ your title post and on​ the​ body post itself your blog page will show higher on​ search engine results.

Let us say your blog post is​ about “niche fishing”,​ and there are thousand of​ links pointing to​ your page from the​ anchor text “niche fishing” your page will be put on​ the​ top list of​ the​ search engine when someone look for the​ term. But don’t jump on​ creating links like this yet.

Search engine looks at​ the​ thousand of​ links going to​ a​ blog especially if​ it’s new as​ a​ link spam,​ and your effort will be wasted.

* One way links with the​ right anchor text (ex. “niche fishing”) pointing to​ your post from other sites. Links should come from variety of​ locations (let us say forums with different ip address,​ social networking sites that are not owned by just one owner (know what I mean).

* Do not overuse the​ keyword or​ same anchor text in​ your link building effort. Just one keyword pointing to​ your blog post will trigger search engine suspicion.

* Creating links to​ your blog should be done minimally at​ leas 8-10 links a​ day will be enough in​ order for your blog post not to​ be put in​ the​ Google Sandbox.

Getting back link is​ easy but requires a​ lot of​ effort. you​ can manually submit your own created articles or​ rehash content from private label articles to​ article directories.

Here are some of​ the​ article directories that you​ can submit your articles:

Or you​ can use a​ software called Article Submitter that I use in​ submitting articles to​ 300+ article directories manually or​ automatically.

If you​ have problems creating content,​ I suggest you​ grab PLR articles,​ and rewrite it​ using Article Content Spinner or​ other article rewriting software’s to​ avoid duplicate content issue.

Join forums. Look for forums that allow user signature. Use title of​ your blog and its link as​ your sig file. Be active in​ forums and post or​ reply to​ posts. Read the​ rules however in​ posting so that you​ will not get banned.

You can also avail of​ the​ Forum Assistant Pro in​ handling various forums on​ your account.

Minor methods but highly popular is​ leaving comments on​ other blogs. you​ can use as​ your username your blog title in​ posting comments. However,​ you​ should be posting comments that are fitted on​ the​ posts or​ else your comments will be considered spam by the​ blog owner.

That’s my simple tips in​ optimizing your blog using search engine optimization. Watch out for more tips on​ making money blogging.

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