Refute Acne Myths Proceed Towards Acne Free Life

Refute Acne Myths & Proceed Towards Acne Free Life!
There is​ a​ good old story. the​ fox jumped after the​ bunch of​ grapes several times and finally when it​ could not get it,​ it​ said that the​ grapes are sour!
I have a​ question for acneresearchers. you​ say that acne is​ not a​ disease at​ all! if​ it​ is​ not a​ disease,​ then,​ what are you​ treating for? Why these galaxy of​ medicines and lotions are mounting the​ windows of​ ​Drug​ stores? and what about those scarproblems,​ that one has to​ face? Now,​ don’t say there is​ no scar at​ all! Just because,​ your search and research is​ unable to​ get at​ it,​ do not deny its existence! Can you​ say that Malaria fever comes and goes after 7 days? Don’t you​ treat it​ as​ Malaria,​ when you​ get the​ attack?
Acne,​ which is​ also known as​ pimples or​ zits,​ is​ reported to​ be perfectly normal part of​ growing up. if​ it​ is​ part and parcel of​ the​ life of​ youth,​ why everybody does not get it? it​ is​ in​ the​ fitness of​ things to​ study the​ available facts about acne,​ and get and follow the​ precautions to​ prevent acne. Don’t you​ agree that prevention is​ better than cure?
Certain precautions need to​ become part of​ your life,​ before this myth becomes a​ reality! the​ required precautions are
1. Avoid tight clothes,​ especially during summer time. They are known to​ cause body acne by trapping sweat.
2. Use a​ sunblocker by wearing a​ hat.
3. Dab the​ face dry carefully.
4. Use make up that do not clog pores.
5. Thoroughly understand the​ nature and practical use of​ the​ soaps,​ lotions,​ gels,​ creams that you​ are using. Don’t get carried away by highflown advertisements. the​ models get wellpaid for their job,​ but let it​ be not at​ your cost.
6. Try to​ cure your acne condition naturally. Think well,​ what works for you​ and what does not.
7. it​ is​ not our nostrils alone,​ the​ skin also breathes,​ with millions of​ pores in​ it​ all over the​ body. Now do you​ say body hygiene in​ relation to​ acne is​ a​ myth? Researchers in​ the​ not too distant future may come out with facts,​ that this myth is​ also a​ myth! Be in​ the​ know how; the​ affirmation and refutation in​ the​ scientific circles,​ all with proofs relevant to​ that period time,​ was going on,​ is​ going on​ and will go on!
8. you​ must protect your skin from forming new bacteria that cause the​ breakouts. Use benzoyl peroxide to​ penetrate pores.
9. Don’t pick your skin because it​ can cause bacteria to​ go deeper in​ to​ the​ skin.
10. Eat plenty of​ fruits and seasonal vegetables.
11. Exercise regularly.
The facial topography of​ every person is​ different,​ so of​ the​ skin. Give it​ the​ proper regimen so that it​ can live a​ ’smooth life’ without bothering you,​ the​ person. Never hesitate to​ meet your dermatologist,​ if​ you​ have the​ slightest doubt that it​ is​ changing its true color!

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