Is Your Modern Diet Killing You

Is Your Modern Diet Killing You?
Not feeling good lately? Having a​ hard time enjoying a​ good dinner for fear of​ the​ discomfort that may result later? Are you​ finding it​ harder and harder to​ lose weight? Do you​ or​ members of​ your family find it​ takes longer to​ get over an illness or​ injury?
Scientists the​ world over are increasingly saying many of​ these problems and more are probably related to​ our modern diets. Even though the​ food we eat tastes and looks fine to​ our eyes,​ most of​ it​ is​ filled with fat and harmful chemicals that dont even have to​ be listed on​ the​ label.
Did you​ know that the​ taste and smell of​ many foods in​ restaurants are achieved almost entirely with specially designed chemicals? Without those chemicals,​ the​ french fried you​ enjoyed yesterday would have tasted like grease lumps and smelled even worse. Specially designed chemicals added to​ food trick you​ into thinking youre eating food that is​ good for you. Nothing could be further from the​ truth.
More and more people are insisting on​ eating whole,​ raw,​ natural foods. Instead of​ milk that is​ filtered,​ cooked,​ and chemically treated,​ many families are now finding ways to​ get untreated,​ natural milk directly from the​ cow. the​ health benefits are incredible,​ including real scientific evidence that raw milk like our grandparents drank successfully treats some ailments.
The lesson is​ easy to​ see. Humans were never designed to​ eat chemicals and processed blobs of​ fat. For thousands of​ years we ate nothing but whole grains,​ fresh fruits,​ and other natural,​ raw nutrients. Instead of​ ingesting factorycreated pills,​ we used specific herbs to​ calm maladies and cure illness.
No wonder people today have more health problems that ever. Clearly we need to​ stop and remember some of​ the​ important nutrition lessons our ancestors knew so well.
Here are four ways you​ can improve your diet NOW
1. Stop buying so many prepacked foods. Instead,​ stock your shopping cart with fresh vegetables,​ fruits,​ and juices. Theyre better for you​ by far.
2. Pass up fast food. Our busy schedules encourage eating at​ drivethroughs,​ but taking time to​ cook fresh food will pay dividends to​ your health.
3. Look for herbal supplements and treatments first before you​ opt for prescription ​Drug​s. Theyre far cheaper and often much better for your health.
4. Get exercise. Our ancestors didnt sit for hours in​ front of​ TVs and computer screens. Most walked everywhere they went. No wonder many lived active,​ healthy lives well into their 70s,​ 80s,​ and 90s.
One of​ the​ most exciting developments recently are studies that tell us what people ate in​ biblical times. as​ you​ may know,​ some people mentioned in​ the​ Bible lived what may have been extraordinarily long lives. Studies show people of​ those regions in​ those times ate very interested combinations of​ plants and juices. Experts say that may be how many of​ them lived to​ be well over 100.

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