Detox Your Body And Build Your Immune System With Diet Herbs And Supplements

Detox Your Body and Build Your Immune System With Diet,​ Herbs and Supplements
Detoxing is​ a​ natural process your body goes through that gets rid of​ debris known as​ toxins. Under normal conditions our bodies are designed to​ eliminate these toxins through the​ liver,​ kidneys,​ lymphatic system,​ skin etc.

There are many reasons why detoxing is​ so important in​ this day and age. There is​ the​ problem of​ our chemical environment due to​ pollutants in​ our air and water supply plus the​ majority of​ our food is​ grown with pesticides in​ an effort to​ reduce insect and bacterial infestation in​ order to​ produce a​ higher yield. One only needs to​ go down any grocery aisle and read labels to​ realize just how many dyes and preservatives we eat on​ a​ daily basis.

If you​ take a​ step back in​ time even only 30 to​ 40 years you​ would realize how different we ate back then. if​ you​ didn’t grow your own organic food you​ would probably have gone to​ your butcher on​ a​ daily basis and purchased fresh hormone free meat and then would have gone to​ the​ market to​ purchase fresh organic produce. the​ word organic was probably not something you​ would have associated with food back then.

The very air we breath constantly is​ somewhat polluted. We drink high fructose drinks,​ lots of​ canned goods and an incredible amount of​ sodium. I’m not saying never to​ eat this way because we all like to​ indulge now and again but if​ you​ eat a​ normal American diet high in​ salt,​ sugar and preservatives and canned goods,​ then you​ may be doing a​ disservice to​ your self because you​ may feel full but be severely lacking in​ nutrients.

There are various things you​ can do to​ undo toxicity. Liver and kidney cleanses are great but if​ you​ are not inclined to​ do these then there are other solutions such as​ taking a​ hot bath for a​ half hour or​ sweat out toxins in​ a​ sauna. if​ you​ do,​ then make sure you​ have eaten well and drink as​ many as​ 8 glasses of​ water so your blood sugar does not drop and that you​ stay well hydrated. Not only do you​ lose toxins this way but you​ also lose water,​ salt and potassium that can make you​ feel light headed.
There are some great herbal teas that you​ can drink on​ a​ regular basis that also gently cleanse the​ body,​ hydrates you,​ has antioxidant properties and help flush out toxins. it​ is​ a​ warm and refreshing way to​ relax and do the​ body good.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is​ a​ fantastic way of​ getting more nutrients in​ the​ body because you​ are maintaining the​ integrity of​ the​ nutrients. if​ you​ are putting vegetables in​ a​ pot to​ boil,​ then you​ will have nutrient loss. This is​ called bleaching and all the​ goodness goes into the​ water. if​ you​ over cook food and then throw out the​ water,​ then your nutrients just went down the​ drain and you​ are ingesting the​ remaining bleached husk. Raw or​ juiced is​ the​ way to​ go!

Because we have nutrient deficient soil it​ is​ advisable to​ take supplements that bolster your immune system such as​ Q10,​ Vitamins A,​ D,​ E,​ C and B vitamins. Trace minerals and electrolytes are necessary to​ keep our systems in​ shape. Avoid sport drinks that are high in​ sugar but instead get good quality electrolytes from a​ health food store. if​ nothing else,​ then at​ least get a​ good multi vitamin to​ take every day.

Some herbs that are great for detoxifying and building the​ immune system are garlic,​ ginger,​ alfalfa and chlorella. Garlic especially is​ a​ useful herb not only for detoxing but it​ helps to​ lower blood pressure,​ aids in​ circulation,​ protects against inflammation and assists in​ almost all major organs like the​ heart,​ lungs,​ kidneys etc. it​ is​ one of​ nature’s perfect foods.

Chlorella is​ an edible green algae that also has just about everything you​ need such as​ protein,​ vitamins E,​ C and all the​ B vitamins,​ especially B12,​ beta carotene and trace minerals. it​ is​ an excellent blood cleanser and whole food. it​ doesn’t get much better than that! Most health food stores will carry all of​ these herbs.
It’s nearly impossible to​ be completely free of​ all pollutants in​ our environment but anything you​ can do to​ relieve your body of​ toxic build up and undernourishment should be beneficial to​ your health.

I hope this helps!
Nothing in​ this article makes any claim to​ offer cures or​ treatment of​ any disease or​ illness. if​ you​ are sick please consult with your doctor.

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